Vegetarian food delivery in Germany

Back in the day, the only people in Germany to eat veggie meals were vegetarians. Well, things have changed a lot since then with plant-based cuisine, and it's all good. Meat eaters love a good veggie spread these days, either to complement their meat dish or as a standalone meal. Along with sauerkraut, the simple classic cream of asparagus soup is a firm favorite. It's easy to see why because asparagus is the nation's favorite vegetable.

This changing face to tasty veggie dishes makes it easy to find a good vegetarian restaurant nowadays, or at very least, restaurants that include high-quality vegetarian dishes on their menus. Heading into town and waiting for food is not everyone's idea of a fun time. Do you want quality vegetarian without the hassle of dining out? Order with Deliveroo. We're the reliable veggie food delivery company, at your service.

Restaurant vegetarian food choices in Germany

Yes, Germany is a country famous for its schnitzels and meaty sausages, but that's not all. According to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), there are over 6,000,000 vegetarians in the country — a trend that's still growing. With this demand come some fantastic choices in scrumptious plant-based meals. These are dishes that please the palates of vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

German-style pickled eggs are nothing like those drab takeaway bites you find in local shops. These pepper and onion treats offer fresh, complex flavors aplenty. Enjoy them as a nice side dish to complement other meals or as a quality snack food for later. Take out the yolks and apply some mustard, a little oil and a splash of vinegar — lovely!

Salad lovers may want to order a tasty wirtshaussalat (inn salad). Relish the sliced cucumber, grated carrot, cabbage, green beans and zesty spices. Hot German potato fritters are a national favorite, loved and eaten with all manner of accompaniments. There's a plethora of high-quality veggie meals and sides on our partner restaurants’ menus. Sit back and make life easy — place your next order with Deliveroo.