Thai food delivery in Germany

Germany has a growing Thai population, but that's not the only reason there's an increase in quality Thai eating places. You can find at least one fine Thai eatery in all the major towns and cities; often more. They do get busy though, completely packed out at times. If you're hungry and longing for a tasty Thai meal, place an online order with Deliveroo. We're your Thai food delivery company, bringing restaurant-quality meals to your door.

Enjoy exotic dishes — meals based on authentic recipes using only the freshest ingredients. If you want a starter, or two to whet your appetite, there's plenty on offer. Browse our partners’ menus and choose from crispy prawns, delicious chicken satay, deep-fried spring rolls or succulent pork skewers. For a salad that kicks, dig into the classic papaya-based som tum.

Authentic Thai restaurant food delivery in Germany

There are plenty authentic Thai restaurants in Germany, much to the delight of Europe's largest population. Even better – Deliveroo has arrived, picking up and delivering quality Thai cuisine to you from some of the finest local kitchens.

If you crave a Thai rice noodle dish, there's nothing to compete with the northern khao soi. It's fragrant, herbal, and so delicious, you won't want to ever reach the bottom of the bowl. You can choose the curried khao soi, coconut curry noodle soup, with succulent pieces of chicken and pork, or simply order it vegetarian style.

For Thai curry lovers, order a palate-pleasing beef massaman. The smooth yellow dish with its Silk Road spices is nothing less than sensational. Spoon up some of those perfect potatoes and cashew nuts with your fluffy steamed jasmine rice. The Thai green curry is another hot favorite. Whatever you desire, skip the regular takeaway. Place your order with Deliveroo and we'll get our wheels into motion right away. So, what are you waiting for?