Sushi delivery in Hamburg

If you want fresh food that is constantly evolving, why not try sushi? Even the most seasoned sushi eaters knows that there is so much more to Japanese food and sushi is it. When you are in the mood for a takeaway delivery but want something of a finer calibre you should look no further than the many authentic sushi eateries in Hamburg. Can’t decide? No problem, because at Deliveroo, we’ve already found the best for you.  

If you’re going to take the leap and order sushi, you want it to be great sushi, so don’t get the pre-packed stuff from the supermarket. You can have fresh, restaurant-quality sushi delivered to your door with Deliveroo. These healthy, delicate dishes are packed with flavour and are complicated to make, so savour every bite-sized piece and introduce your taste buds to something brand new. 

Hamburg: Ocean flavours in a port city

Hamburg is a city with a long history as well as being the home of the hamburger. Quality restaurants that serve up fresh, healthy produce are becoming more and more popular and Hamburg has a large number. This port city has ocean flavours on tap and these flavours are popular with businesses and individuals for its clean and healthy seafood offerings. 

New to sushi? Never fear. It’s so easy to get to grips with and finding the most delicate flavours that rock your world is easier than ever with Deliveroo by your side. Go for something new by trying a tuna roll, which is very simply raw tuna, sushi rice and seaweed. Simple and delicious, the taste of the slightly sweet vinegared rice will very likely overtake the taste of the tuna but for sushi beginners you’ll just love it!  

Graduate to nigiri and if you are feeling really adventurous, try ordering in the ika squid! This has a creamy texture and a sweet taste to balance the bitter sweetness of the sushi rice. With Deliveroo the menu is at your fingertips and ready for you to order online, now.