Sushi delivery in Germany

Authentic Japanese sushi is now making its mark right here in Germany. It may be a far cry from the traditional cuisine, but that hasn't stopped folks from embracing these healthy Far Eastern dishes with a passion. Bite into inari sushi to whet your appetite. These sweet little parcels of soft bean curd filled with succulent sticky rice are amazing. Enjoy them with some fresh chilled watermelon juice.

Add some tamago nigiri to your order; a delicate sweet dish of light egg omelette with nori. Tamago nigiri is sensational when taken with freshly squeezed orange juice. For a full veggie meal put some kaiso sushi on the plate. The marinated seaweed and su-miso sauce is wrapped beautifully in nori. Avocado and Cucumber Maki are two more tasty choices. The latter gives you crunchy cucumber in a toasted sesame seed roll. There's certainly more to sushi than those raw fish options.

Germany: Premium restaurant Japanese Sushi for local delivery

Germany and Japan don't share a lot in common when it comes to their national cuisine. Still, that doesn't prevent the Germans from embracing sushi, in all its forms. Around the country you can see real sushi bars opening up to cater to this new demand. Before this happened, people had to settle for unauthentic supermarket takeaway, but not anymore. Your local Deliveroo delivery service lets you enjoy real Japanese sushi at home or work.

We eat Japanese sushi with the eyes as much as the stomach. Some say it looks too good to eat and they're right. Nonetheless, eat it you must, and there's more to choose from than most realize. Don't forget the spectacular sushi rolls. The California is perhaps the most popular for western palates. These moreish nori rolls come packed with flavors. There's surimi, avocado, special mayonnaise and some black and white toasted sesame seeds.

Food doesn't get much better than restaurant sushi and its colorful side dishes. If you want sushi without the somewhat awkward conveyer belt experience, you've got it. Let our Japanese food delivery service handle your next sushi order.