Pizza delivery in Germany

Europeans certainly love their pizza and that includes Germany. It's a popular food to enjoy any time, any place, anywhere. Waiting for your food in a restaurant is one option, but busy folks usually prefer to be getting on with other, more important things with their time. Thanks to Deliveroo, your local pizza delivery people, you get to do just that. Place your order online, get back to whatever it is you're doing, and wait for our knock on your door. It’s as simple as that folks.

It's time for you to skip the bland freezer-to-oven takeaway and treat yourself to an authentic Italian-style pizza for lunch or dinner. How do you like your base, fluffy and light perhaps, or maybe thin and crispy? Adorn it with your favorite tasty and succulent toppings. Enjoy every bite of your hearty meal, prepared in the kitchens of the town's best restaurants.

Germany: Top quality Italian Pizza for local delivery

Many accomplished chefs and restaurateurs have moved to Germany in recent years, bringing with them their wonderful cuisines. Deliveroo has arrived too, fetching these delicious foods and bringing them to your doorstep.

Pizza comes with a guarantee — it will always leave you feeling satiated and content. The classic margherita bufala is a German favorite, and for very good reason too. Just look at those fresh mouthwatering ingredients of tomato, garlic oil, oregano, fresh basil and black pepper. The spectacular finish of torn buffalo mozzarella, basil, and a little extra virgin olive oil will have you craving for another slice — or three.

Vegetarian lovers, try a mushroom, onion, green pepper and sweetcorn pizza for a tasty veggie choice. And an original BBQ pizza with chicken, green peppers, fried onions and special barbeque sauce will put a smile on any meat-eater’s face. So, what will it be? Once you've browsed our extensive menu listings, our delivery team will spring into action. Before you know it, they will be at your door with piping hot pizza. It's really that simple! What are you waiting for?