Lebanese food delivery in Germany

Mediterranean Lebanese cuisine is abundant with luscious ingredients. Its flavors tantalize all your taste buds every time the food hits your palate. Like the rest of Europe, Germans can't get enough of quality Lebanese fare. It's why there's a growing presence of fine restaurants in all the major towns and cities. These traditional kitchens offer authentic dishes, with whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies, starches, tasty seafood and fresh fish aplenty.

Dining out in the best Lebanese eating places can be something of an ordeal at times. If you'd sooner avoid the hustle and bustle of the restaurant crowds, now you can. Skip the lunchtime takeaway and frozen dinners — you deserve better. Order online from our partners’ Lebanese restaurant menus and let us bring the food to your door. How does a fattoush salad sound to start with, or some classic hummus dip with warm pita?

Germany: Order restaurant-quality Lebanese food online

German foodies are happy to have exotic, quality Lebanese fare in their towns and cities. The fresh, varied dishes offer explosions of color with natural tastes and wonderful textures. Now that Deliveroo's local restaurant food delivery is in town, everyone can enjoy a full Lebanese spread without having to dine out.

Dinner for two? You can't go wrong starting with a spread of hummus, falafel, fresh vegetarian grape leaves, baba ghanuoj, tabbouleh, and of course labneh. You also have many choices for meat dishes. If you want to play it safe, go with the classics. Chicken kebab will give you succulent pieces of tender boneless chicken, marinated in special herbs, spices and garlic. Fresh beef shish kebabs are another palate pleaser, seasoned with just the right amount of rosemary and spices.

Put some salad on the table to complement your meal. Choose from chicken shawrama and gyro, regular gyro or shrimp salads. Maybe introduce some vegetarian lentil soup or musaki soup to your spread. Whatever you want today, if the menu lists it, Deliveroo delivers.