Japanese food delivery in Germany

Japanese food is quite different from western cuisines, and that's half its appeal. Everyone's familiar with sushi, but a typical Japanese meal can also include many smaller, lighter dishes, adding lots of variety to a traditional spread. Unique miso soups along with udon and soba noodle bowls make perfect appetisers. Relish in the fresh flavours of udon, soba, wakame, spinach and green onion in a perfectly balanced fish broth — yum!

If you haven't tried it, the savory okonomiyaki dish is a must. On its pancake base is a layer of chopped fresh veggies bound neatly together in a special batter. These are just a few of the tastes of Japan, available for home or office delivery. Order a proper spread from the Deliveroo online menus and you'll never look at another standard sushi takeaway ever again. Restaurant-quality Japanese fare is now at your fingertips.

Germany: fresh Japanese meals for local delivery

Japanese food in Germany has a short history, but it is very popular thanks to the continual growth and expansion of quality restaurants and sushi bars that have sprung up across the country. From Munich to Monchengladbach, Japanese dishes are available the length and breadth of Germany.

Dining out — Japanese style — is not as exciting to some as the food is, but that's okay. Deliveroo brings quality Japanese restaurant meals to your home or office to save you the hassle. Prepare yourself for a spread that looks almost too good to eat.

For meat, yakitori street food will not disappoint with its super chicken skewers, succulent teriyaki sauce and fresh green onion. Japanese-style beef and vegetable gyoza dumplings are another moreish addition to the table. Be sure to get a little spicy tuna on a bed of crispy rice. Add in chives, cilantro and jalapenos and you're as Far East as the food will take you. Keep the salad authentic. Enjoy a scrumptious marinated seaweed salad with sesame oil and seeds. Prepare your taste buds for Japanese delights and order now, just sit back and relax.