Greek food delivery in Germany

Europeans love to vacation in Greece and visit the beautiful Greek islands. The delicious traditional Greek food here is as welcome as the sunshine. The good news is that Greek fare isn't only in available in Greece, thanks to the constant demand for this wonderful cuisine. Germany has some fine Greek restaurants but they can get busy and packed out early on. If queuing for tables and waiting for food doesn't appeal, fear not, Deliveroo is in town. Bypass boring takeaway meals. Let us bring you authentic Greek from some of the best local restaurants.

Begin, perhaps, with Greek flatbread and tasty hummus or taramasalata dip. Order a few Mediterranean olives to whet your appetite before the main. What's it to be, a chicken or lamb kefte? How about succulent loukaniko beef and pork sausage, or falafel, served with saffron rice, salad and warm flatbread.

Germany: A taste of real Greek fare in German towns and cities

Germany is famous for its big summer beer fests and national dishes, but people also love food from other countries. You can find international eateries here serving the world's major cuisines. This includes the fresh flavors, great textures and wonderful colors of authentic Greek. But you do need time and patience to dine out, which is why many Germans today prefer restaurant meal delivery.

Too tired or too busy to dress up and eat in town? That doesn't mean you have to miss out on restaurant meals. We'll bring dishes to your table from any of our Greek restaurant menus; food cooked in the kitchens of your favorite eating places. Why not try fresh, skewered chicken cooked over an open flame and seasoned to perfection with Greek spices – the delectable chicken souvlaki plate.

If you fancy hot falafels you can have those too. These moreish bites typically come with French fries, tzatziki sauce, a healthy Greek salad, and some warm pita. Check out the vegetarian options like the scrumptious veggie pita dish. If you want Greek food, Deliveroo will bring it to your door.