Dessert delivery in Germany

Quality German dessert food is love on a plate; heaven in a bowl. The German Alexander torte is a Latvian cake to die for. The incredible textures make every bite something to savor. Taste the raspberry sandwiched in shortcake, and wait for that explosion of the sweet lemony glaze. For the adults among us, apple chocolate trifle will add a little social lubrication at meal times. It starts with a whisky tumbler. Packed into the shot glass is the most delicious chocolate cake ever, food guaranteed to get your taste buds dancing. Dig deep and enjoy the caramelized apples and vanilla pudding. Be sure to scoop up some whipping cream on the way out — yum!

We can't all make such heavenly desserts, and those who can don't always get time. And the corner shop takeaway sweets don't come close to the real thing. Fortunately, Deliveroo is at your service.

Delicious quality desserts all over Germany

Europe is an incredible place for food, including cakes and desserts as well as savory dishes. And sometimes we just want a sweet meal without the main. In Germany there're many old dessert recipes passed down through the generations. Alas, there's little time for busy folks to bake nowadays.

The good news is that Deliveroo has arrived in town. We're your trusted restaurant-quality dessert delivery people bringing sensational sweets to your door. So how about some baked German cheesecake today, resting on a delightful sponge base made with curd cheese? Add a little whipped or sour cream on top and savor the moment.

For ice cream fans, black forest parfait will send you into seventh heaven. The beautiful layers of ice cream deliver tastes of raspberry and cherries in a dark chocolate mix. Ice cream doesn't get any better than this. Have people coming over? Impress them with an offering of strawberry tartlets served with tasty white wine-flavored crème fraiche. Only you know what tantalizes your taste buds, so make your selection now. Let Deliveroo run with your order and put our wheels into motion.