Chinese food delivery in Germany

You might not find many Germans in China, but you'll find a heck of a lot of Chinese restaurants in Germany. For decades, standard takeaways ruled the delivery options in most towns and cities, but not anymore. The rise in quality Chinese restaurants has set new standards. Today we've more variety and better quality meals served up from this incredibly delicious Far Eastern cuisine.

If you can't be bothered to dress up and head into town, stay exactly where you are. Place your order from one of our online Chinese restaurant menus — job done! Deliveroo will then deliver your order and have the food with you in no time. From veggie spring rolls to orange chicken and Peking roast duck, if they're cooking, you're eating. And who can resist those chicken and egg rolls or crispy, deep-fried shrimps to start a meal? Very few of us, that's who!

Fine Chinese cuisine delivery in Germany

Who doesn’t love something from the huge range of Chinese fare, and that includes populous Germany. Today, pork is by far the most consumed meat in the country, and that's great for those who love Chinese chow. Deliveroo's local Chinese food delivery service is a godsend for busy folks who don't have the time or the desire to dine out in crowded town centers.

If you crave Chinese roast pork, and it's on the menu, place it on your order. The famous sweet and sour pork is another classic dish to whet the appetite. If you want something meatier to sink your teeth into, Peking-style pork chops served with crunchy Chinese stir-fried veggies are sure to please your palate.

Don’t forget side orders to go with your mains, folks. Chow mein, fried rice, and mixed vegetables, it's all here. For lovers of poultry, grilled teriyaki chicken is a hot favorite. For vegetarians, look no further than dishes like lightly browned eggplant tofu with red bell peppers, tossed in a sweet, slightly spicy sauce. When you're ready to eat, we're ready to deliver.